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We learn from the Grays Harbor Shorebird and Nature Festival website that “each Spring, hundreds of thousands of shorebirds stop to rest and feed in Grays Harbor estuary on their migration northward. Coming from as far south as Argentina, these Arctic-bound shorebirds are among the world's greatest migrants. Some birds travel over 15,000 miles round trip! Tens of thousands of shorebirds feed on the open mudflats in the estuary. This concentration of birds offers people a great chance to view a number of shorebird species, and with luck, to see the birds fly together in beautiful formations while trying to escape the fastest creature on earth, the Peregrine Falcon.”

Grays Harbor is heaven for bird watchers! Find out more on this website: http://visitgraysharbor.com/activities/birdwatching/
Hi-Tide Ocean Beach Resort is located in Moclips, WA on the north coast of Grays Harbor County. Here is our website: https://www.hi-tide-resort.com/

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Hi-Tide Ocean Beach Resort boasts ocean-side and riparian shoreline with closely adjacent stands of deciduous and coniferous tree species, and other marine environment plant communities, offering a variety of wildlife and bird watching possibilities throughout the year.